Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Bits and pieces

One of the good things about weighing my stash ready for another year of stash-busting is that it reminds me of all of the odd bits and pieces of yarn that I still have, especially those that are of a thin ply.  Mixed together, they can make an interesting thicker combination.

I found a bag of pink 2 ply that I bought somewhere.  It had originally been coned yarn but its previous owner had wound it into cakes.  2 strands of pink combined with one of white 4 ply and one of lilac 4 ply gave me roughly a chunky yarn equivalent, which, when knitted on size 4.00 needles gave a pretty and dense fabric suitable for mittens.

I need to apologise for my photography skills at this point - the photo of the mitts make them look different sizes, but they really are a pair!

I had enough of each of these yarns to be able to crochet a hat and scarf suitable for a young girl.  This made hat number 5 for this year.  I thought that an earflap hat would work well with chunky yarn.

I have to confess that I have already bought some more yarn this year (obviously 20 kilos is not a sufficient stash size), but at least this month I have used up more than I have bought.  A large yarn retailer sent me a voucher for £5 off a £15 spend, and also threw in free postage, so I succumbed and bought 700g of James Brett Baby Marble.  The flip side of stash counting is that you realise where the gaps are in the yarn range you have, and I had no baby variegated yarn.  This just had to be remedied, I am sure you will understand!

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  1. Of course I understand Barbara we never have the yarn we need when we start making something, I reckon as long as we bust more than we buy each month then it's ok. A Great use of your 2ply yarn. :) x


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