Tuesday, 19 January 2016

And another hat

For the fourth hat of this year, I tried a bit of very simple stranded knitting using up some oddments of double knit.  The hat was knitted in the round on a circular needle, and transferred to dpns for the decreases.  As I had 84 stitches, I looked for a very simple design that was divisible by 6.  The arrowheads were simply a repeat of 3 stitches in each colour, moving around one stitch on each round.  The overall pattern is rather effective.

When my boys were little, I knitted several intarsia jumpers with pictures of characters from children's TV.  I even charted my own designs, based on pictures in their story books.  But it is so many years since I have done any colourwork that I don't feel confident to try anything complex.  Perhaps I shall use my hats and jumpers challenge to re-develop some skills in that area.


  1. It's fabulous Barbara the colorwork is lovely. :) xx

  2. Just perfect for winter. The arrows make it special.


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