Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Ladybird, Ladybird.....

I quite enjoy making ventilator bonnets as small projects in between bigger things.  I usually use 4 ply and knit them in pastel colours or white.  Then yesterday I saw a Facebook post from a NICU nurse asking whether it was possible to make animal or superhero ones.  I've made quite a few animal hats, but I'd never thought about embellishing vent bonnets. I can see that some parents would be happy to see their baby in a cheery, fun hat.   So last night I played around and came up with a first attempt at a ladybird hat for babies in ICUs.

I took inspiration from Repeat Crafter Me's crochet ladybug hat pattern, and made this:

And modelled by my very own childhood doll, Susan, who will turn 60 at Christmas!

I haven't got the eyes quite right, and on future versions I think I will make the spots larger.  But I am so pleased that I saw that Facebook post!

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