Sunday, 27 December 2015

December's project

I've mentioned before that, via Loving Hands, I was given a donation of yarn by a lady who lives near me.  A lot of the yarn was aran weight, with a high wool content.  At Loving Hands, were are having a "blanket challenge" at present, to see how many blankets we can produce before the clocks go forward in March.  I decided to use up a lot of the aran to make a crochet blanket.  I have made 35 squares, and here they are laid out on the living room floor.   Each square is 7 inches across, and I am aiming for a blanket that will be approximately single bed sized.

To bring the blanket together, I am using some cream aran to make the final round on each square, and using join as you go to link everything together.  I have made a start, but I think it will take most of today to finish the joining.

I am using a size 6.00 hook to join, which is 2 sizes larger than the one I used to make the squares.  There is some disparity in the size of the squares, depending on the yarn used, so I am hoping that this will give me a bit of flexibility to smooth out the differences.

Today I am home alone; both sons and daughter-in-law have returned to their own homes and my husband has gone to watch rugby at Twickenham, so I have the ideal opportunity to press on with the blanket.  There is Test Match cricket on the TV (England vs South Africa); it will be a good day!

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  1. I really must learn that joining technique. Your blanket is looking very good.


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