Wednesday, 30 December 2015

December's project completed

It took longer than I expected to join all of the squares into a blanket, but, after darning in untold numbers of ends, it is finished.

I have laid it on the guest room bed, and it measures 42 inches by 60 inches.  It weighs 1.2 kilos, so was an excellent stash-buster project.  I expect it will go to Operation Orphan's Keep a Child Warm project in the new year.

These are just some of the ends.....



  1. I'm with you on how long it takes to join squares. I think it takes me longer than actually making the squares! But your blanket has turned out very well and will last for years.

    1. Thank you, Una. I am always optimistic about finishing off times - it seemed that I darned in hundreds of ends too. I really should be more disciplined about darning in as I go!

  2. It's fabulous Barbara, lovely colours I always try to darn the ends in as I go it makes it so much easier. thank you for linking. :) xx


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