Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Here be dragons with woolly scales

Scary times in the front room, and those of a nervous disposition should look away now!  A pair of dragons have taken up residence, and are having a fine old time attacking each other.

When my boys were small, they loved putting on puppet shows.  I made them a little puppet theatre out of an old clothes horse, and they built up quite a collection of different puppets.  No matter which puppets were used, though, the shows always seemed to end with a fight to the death.

When Clare from Knit for Nowt mentioned in her newsletter that they wanted scary puppets, I remembered the fun we had, and set out to make some.  I found this dragon puppet pattern  by Michelle Dickson via Ravelry, and used it as the basis for mine.  I changed it by doing the back of the dragon in crocodile stitch to make woolly scales, and making the snout a little more shaped and longer.  The green one was the first off the hook:

I used different oddments of coned yarn to get a variegated green.  Its mouth is made from red glittery yarn, and its big scary teeth are gleaming white.  A forked black tongue and black and white buttons or eyes finish it off.

The second one was made of purple and blue variegated yarn with a glittery thread running through:

This one is clearly a different species because it doesn't have a tongue, and it has green eyes which make it look a bit shortsighted.

Which one do you think is the scarier?  For me, it's the green one, because he sneaks up on the purple one from behind!

Now they need names.  Any suggestions?


  1. They are fantastic Barbara the kids are going to love them, I think the green one is the scarier too it's the white rim around his eyes that does it.:) xx

  2. Amazing work! I love these dragons! they look really fun for little ones to play with. The green one looks scarier!


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