Thursday, 24 November 2016

Another stripy jumper

I have just 2 more boy's jumpers to finish to reach my target of 12 for the year.  Well, only one now, as I have just finished this one.

it's a 26 inch chest, knitted in double knit on size 4.00 needles, and I used my favourite jumper pattern.  I think I have made about 8 of these in total in the last 5 years.  It is a free pattern from Ravelry called simply Child's jumper pattern.  I made the stripes 10 rows wide, but you can choose your own colour and stripe combinations. From my stash I chose Copper and Mocha by Stylecraft, and a dark brown (no shade name) from Marriner.  Lots of Loving Hands members, inspired by another member, Pat, have been making a special effort this year to knit jumpers for boys, as they seem to get fewer donations.  To date, over 400 jumpers for boys have been made, which, as Pat says, represents a school full of warm boys!


  1. It's lovely Barbara I love the colours. I'm feeling quite bad about the whole jumper thing as I intended making 12 too and have only managed 6 sometime I wish I had a few more pairs of arms or there were more hours in the day, still it's a great result everyone else has done brilliantly. :) x

    1. Thank you Linda, but please don't feel guilty as you have made so many other things to help out specific people and families that you didn't know about at the start of the year. I'm not sure I will be setting myself any targets next year - life tends to intervene too often!

  2. Thanks for the pattern link. I went to Ravelry and added it to my queue. Something strange happened then. A photo of a black dog appeared and the words "Crappers. An error has occurred." I've never seen that on Ravelry before. I checked my queue and the pattern was there. So I think the error message was an error!

  3. How odd! I've never seen that in Ravelry before either! I keep this pattern downloaded on my iPad because I use it so much!

  4. Well done with the 12 sweaters! Great idea to knit for the boys and the brown stripes in this one are beautiful.


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