Thursday, 7 July 2016

Green cardigan with a leaf pattern

In the 1980s, when my children were very small, there was a Phildar wool shop in Weston-super-Mare where I used to buy lots of yarn and patterns for their knits.  This was long before the days of the Internet, Ravelry and free patterns.  Phildar used to produce lovely books of patterns, and I have several in my pattern box upstairs.

When I received the package of pale green 4 ply from my friend Pat, I remembered a pattern in one of the Phildar books that I had always liked but never made (it was too 'girly' for my boys).  It was most enjoyable to knit a pattern with lacy panels, and I am very happy with the result.  It will fit a 22 inch chest, and I finished it off with some pale grey buttons which I had in my button box.

Thank you Pat!


  1. 4 ply gives a much more professional finish to garments. This will keep someone very snug.

  2. It's lovely Barbara, I have some of those pattern books too, I'm not overly keen on knitting with 4 ply though, although I always think that 4 ply is perfect for babies. Thank you for linking to the stash party. :) xx

    1. Thank you Linda, I do like knitting baby clothes in 4 ply. This was a wool/acrylic mix which was really lovely to knit with.

  3. Congratulations Barbara your little cardi got the most clicks! you have been featured. :) xx

  4. Yay! Thank you Linda, I do enjoy entering the link parties!


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