Saturday, 30 April 2016

No longer a work-in-progress

A while back I posted pictures of some jumpers that had been on the needles for a while.  This was one of them:

I am delighted to say that, about a year after casting it on,  I have finally finished it:

It is knitted from a pattern that I made when my children were small, and I've really enjoyed the variety in it.  Having 4 different patterned sections to knit has made it interesting and a bit challenging - I found myself having to pull back rows because I became a bit blas√© about reading the pattern properly at times.  The main colour is Copper, in Stylecraft special DK.  I was a bit afraid that the colour would be overpowering, which is why I did the rib and pattern bands in a contrast.   I'm feeling rather sorry that it's finished, although I don't think I'll be casting on another just yet!

My goal was to complete 12 boy's jumpers in 2016 - it's the end of April and I have completed 6, so I am well on target.


  1. I can see a boy absolutely loving this and the colours are perfect.

  2. It's beautiful Barbara lovely textures and lovely colours. :) x


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