Monday, 12 October 2015

Granny square

Some time ago, I bought 10 balls of a Stylecraft Merrygoround yarn in a discontinued shade.

As I used it, I came to my own conclusion as to why it was discontinued; firstly, the pink is very vibrant (almost neon) and doesn't go with the colours surrounding it.  Secondly, it was hard to find patterns that worked for it.  Somehow it didn't knit up very evenly, because the dyes used had noticeably different effects on the base yarn.  So the yarn dyed blue was considerably thicker than the yarn dyed white. The only items I was really happy with were crocheted, like this little jacket and hat set, where the evenness of the yarn didn't matter so much.

Eventually my stash of this got down to 3 balls, and I really wanted to finish it up.  So I started a granny square, and ended up with a baby blanket 30 inches square.  I found some green baby dk in my stash which matched the green in the multi almost exactly, so I was able to finish it with a solid colour border.  

A cheerful goodbye to this yarn!


  1. I can see what you mean about the colours, but you have made two lovely items with it.

  2. They look lovely Barbara but I hate it when the thickness varies luckily you can't usually tell with crochet. Thank you for linking. :) xx


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