Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Open Day

We had our Scrapstore Open Day on Saturday, and very popular it was too.  Lots of families came through the door and purchased scrap for children to play with.  I embellished a few more bags with hot-air balloons (appropriate since I was using balloon fabric) like this one, which we sold for £2 to fill up with scrap.

The tiger who has hitched a lift is one of a range of very cute little finger puppets that we sell! I thought that a child might like to be able to put a tiny doll or lego character in the balloon basket. As the 'ropes' are made of elastic, it should help to keep the toy in place.

On the knitting front, I fancied making some bootees after seeing the ones that Una made.  My never-ending stash of 4 ply provided some contrasting yarns. When I have done a few more pairs I will send them to the Freedom from Fistula Foundation. 

 In the meantime, however, I am concentrating my stash-busting on making 6 inch blanket squares for Loving Hands to make into blankets which will go to Nepal via Operation Orphan.  It is good to feel that we can do something practical to help those poor people after their earthquakes.


  1. Hi Barbara, thanks for visiting (and following!) my blog :) I am also now following your blog, and have been reading back through your posts. I love this idea of the scrap store, and wish they had something similar here! What a great idea to repurpose all these scraps from so many businesses.
    You've done so much with your stash busting. I am so terribly slow at knitting that I can't churn out items quickly enough to suit me. Still...I try!
    Have a great week!

  2. Thank you for dropping by, Wendy. As you can see I am relatively new to the world of blogging, but I am enjoying myself following links to other blogs and finding out what other people are doing. I realise I need to improve my photography skills!


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