Monday, 30 March 2015

Starting off......

I've decided to start a blog which will be mainly about my knitting and crochet.  At the start of this year I weighed my stash and to my horror found that it weighed over 12 kilos. I am therefore stash busting, and have joined in with Linda's stash buster party.

I got into charity knitting and crochet when I joined Loving Hands, a nationwide group of like-minded people.  The group guarantees to find a home for any items they are sent, and supports a wide range of charities both here and abroad.  Being a member of their very supportive forum has encouraged me to learn new techniques and expand the range of items I am prepared to try.

So what have I made this month?

First, a confession.  Despite my rather large stash, and despite promising myself that I wouldn't buy any more yarn until I reduced said stash to below 6 kilos, I found a remaindered pack of 200 g of lemon baby yarn in Aldi's bargain baskets.  Just the one pack - I couldn't leave it, could I?  So it has been turned into this corner-to-corner crochet blanket which will be sent to Cuddles UK, a charity that provides burial items to hospitals for premature babies that don't survive.

I love this little cardigan - I knitted it using up some part balls of dk from my stash.  It is one of my favourite patterns from Marianna's blog.

A lot of my stash is 4 ply yarn, and in order to bust it I have been cheating and doubling it up to make an aran weight.  I've done several hats and a crochet scarf so far, and now I've started an aran cardigan.  I rather like the way it's knitting up.

I shall be weighing this month's makes tomorrow; hopefully the stash will be down around the 10 kilo mark!


  1. Lovely makes Barbara, marianas patterns are lovely, thank you for linking. :)

  2. No problem Linda. I hope you realise that you are the inspiration behind this blog!


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